Example : for a result 2D sketch


- The complete assembly was selected ''095-Chalumeau.sldasm''.

- The ''Type of result'' required is: ''One 2D sketch by section''.

- The ''Method” of cut: several plans are selected --> ''Face plan“,”Right-hand side plan“and”PLANE1''.

- The name given to the folder created in FeatureManager is ''Sect01''.

- One keeps the fixed constraints of the entities ofsketches 2D created.

Got result :

The components of the assembly were voluntarily colored in red in order to emphasize the three sketches created (black, blue and green).

The advantage of the tool CreateSections it is to be able to select the assembly of head and to obtain several sketches in only one step. It is not possible with the function SOLIDWORKS “Intersection curve”.