When the provision of the views was made in definition of the pages, it is very useful to save this setting in order to re-use this page layout.

It is necessary to record this setting before launching the treatment, if not all is lost!

To click on the button  in order to record the file. This file is with the format “xml”, if it must be divided by several users you can save it in a folder network. This file is independent of the model (drwdot) used.

At the time of export, graphic information related to the pages is memorized:

  • Many groups by pages.
  • Many views by pages.
  • Position of the groups.
  • Value of the horizontal variation for each group.
  • Value of the vertical variation for each group.

The value “Offset Annotation“is not saved in this file. On the other hand with each launching of the tool”AssemblyBoard“, the last value used is pointed out.

To use a provision of views already recorded, to click on the button . It is then possible to use it such as it is or to make possible modifications then to export again this new configuration if need be.