• To specify the folder and the name of the file of export of the nomenclature. If you do not modify the noun, this one will be automatically incremented (Example: SmartBom, SmartBom1, SmartBom2 etc…). This folder can be in local or on the network in order to divide it with several work stations.


Two solutions are possible for the choice of the site of the files of Excel export  :

  Either one selects a folder, that is to say one specifies to export the Excel file in the folder of the assembly.

The name of the file of export can be personalized:



  • The file can take same name as the assembly.
  • Name can be indicated.

  • Name can recover the name of a property of the assembly.
  • Name can take the name of the active configuration of the assembly.
  • Name can recover the increment of a counter defined with the tool SmartProperties.

Name of the file“, can be made up by using the characters”&“in order to concatenate of the values.

Example :


To if required specify the extension which the file will have to take (example “txt” for a file of type text).

We can ask so that this dialog box open during the recording of the file in order to modify the noun of it, the folder or quite simply to update an already extracted nomenclature .

In this part we regulate information for the export of (of) the nomenclature (s) in a textual file (extension txt). Options can be specified.

It is possible to specify an extension for the textual files, example “txt”, “csv”, or any other extension of your choice but in this case the files could be open with an application such as “Notepad++”.

  • Format” CSV“:

This format is more used and creates a file for each nomenclature defined in the project. A character or a character string can be specified in order to separate the values. Once the file(s) have been opened, you can save them with the name you want.

Example with the separator “/“.


Example with the separator” Space“.


The fact of exporting the list of the files generated by SmartBom with format CSV makes it possible to import this list in SelectFilesAndFolders of the tools of batch such as BatchProperties, BatchConverter, etc…

  • Format” Linear“:

This format (little used) puts all the values of the columns of the nomenclature by beginning with the first column (generally reference marks) then the following columns. Export creates a file for each nomenclature defined in the project. For this format of export, it is useful to check with-less the option” To display the name of the columns“for more clearness. The box” Separator“is not useful in this case and thus is grayed.


To finally put the character which will be used as separator of the columns.