Possible operation on the assemblies.

This operation makes it possible to export all the files selected with a format of export in a specific folder.

The format of export is selected among the drop-down list.

It corresponds to all the formats available of the function ''To record under'' of SOLIDWORKS.


Example :

To export, with format IGES, all the selected files.

Selection 1: “To specify a folder above for the exported files”


Exports will be saved in the folder ''D:\Samples\180 - Integration \ Exports''.

In this case one specifies a folder without taking account of the options of renaming.

Selection 2: “To use the options of the program ‘Option/Rules of naming”


 exports will be saved in the folder ''D:\TEMP\IGES'' specified in the rules of naming.

With this solution one does not specify a folder of export, the site will be defined in options utility (Rules of naming), as well as the rules of naming of the files.


 This operation can be preceded by other operations such as:

- To carry out a full zoom

- To put the document in isometric view

- …