When the group “Favourites“was activated in”Management of the groups“, you can specify the folder where and the favourites charged will be recorded with creation of properties.

We use favourites part when values of properties are found common to several parts. I.e. that we will inform the value of the properties and we will record them in favourites. Thus for another part it will be enough to charge the favourites and the properties will be filled automatically.

The extension of these files is “*.FavPrt” for the favourites parts, “*.FavAsm” for the favorite assemblies, “*.FavDrw” for the favourites drawings and finally “*.FavFeat” for the favourites of folder of weldments.


Example above: certain general properties have already a well informed value. By clicking on   I can create it “Favoris3“, I check all the properties, then I validate”OK“. We can specify the properties to be taken into account manually while clicking on the option.


In another part if I wish to inform the same values it is enough for me to select in the list it “Favoris3“and all the properties (checked in this favourites) will be filled automatically with the memorized values. It is an appreciable time-saver.