A each validation of GetCoordinates2D a table of coordinates and MacroFeature are created.

By a right click on MacroFeature GetCoordinates2D, it is possible:

  • To publish MacroFeature “To publish the definition“so:
    • To add lines to the table by selecting other coordinates to be extracted.
    • To modify the table by selecting another model.
    • To modify the style of posting of the reference marks.
    • To select a new origin. The coordinates all are then automatically recomputed and the lines in the table are put up to date.
  • To remove MacroFeature “To erase/suppr“. This action results in to remove the entities generated by the tool GetCoordinates2D, i.e. MacroFeature, the table associated as well as the reference marks related to the entities selected for the extraction with the coordinates. The following message invites the user to remove them or not.


 In mode “Edition“it is not possible to change the method of selection, i.e. if the method were “3D Mode” it is not possible to pass to the method “project Mode”, and vice versa.