By clicking on this icon  we can specify the types of documents SOLIDWORKS to be proposed for the selection. We can also ask to process only the files answering certain criteria such as:

  • Files having a property equal or different with a certain value
  • Files created since a given date
  • Files of Toolbox
  • Etc…

The following dialog box appears:


“Standard of the input documents” to check the types of files that the function “Addition of documents” will propose.

“Filters” in this part of the dialog box one can check certain filters of selection:

  • Sorting on the property “IsFastener” if it exists. The value can be “0” or “1”.


  • Sorting on the documents resulting from Toolbox:


  • Sorting according to the presence or not, in the document, of a property SOLIDWORKS, the statute of this property can be specified:


 By clicking on this icon one arrives directly on the window “ Options Properties ” in order to if required recover the properties of the active document, the active configuration or of a configuration in particular:


  • The sorting can be also carried out according to “ On the date ” last recording of the file. The taking into account can be “Equal”, “Lower” or “Higher” than a specified date:


  • The sorting can be also carried out on part of the name of the document SOLIDWORKS by taking account of the presence or not in this name of a character string specified:


  • The sorting can be also carried out according to the state in which the file PDM is, for example to process the file whose state is “VALID”:


  • The treatment possibly can “ Not to take into account the input files alone ”. If this option is checked a message will appear: