This part can be activated  or not . This item will be disabled if you want to copy only the sheet(s) format(s) of the reference drawing document.

If this heading is activated then it is possible to affect sheet formats according to the formats of the documents to be modified. Three types of formats are noted:

  • Standard formats : they are the standard formats Windows. One selects by the icon  desired sheet format. The formats are defined in the window ''Personalization of the formats''.
  • Personalized formats :  definition of three specific formats. One selects by the icon  desired sheet format, for example a particular sheet format for a document having particular dimensions. These formats are defined in ''Personalization of the formats''.
  • Personalization of the formats : all the formats can be parameterized while clicking on .


In this window are specified the widths and the heights as well as the orientation to be taken into account for each format. To modify the numéric value directly in the cells.

The unit of the expressed values is to be chosen between Millimeters or Inches.


A tolerance, between the specified values and the values found in the formats of the documents to modify, can be given.

For example :

If dimensions of the sheet format of the document to be modified are 1187x840 millimeters, with one , the tool CopyOptions will use the sheet format ''A0'' (1189x841).

 The character ''*'' located in bottom of the left-hand column is not valid. So formats are added with this key, they will not be taken into account.