It is possible to select a table already created in order to modify it or to duplicate it.


  •  This icon makes it possible to modify the noun of the selected table.


  •  This icon makes it possible to remove the selected table.

  •  This icon makes it possible to create a new table on the basis of that which is active (that makes it possible to duplicate a table).


Types, by defaults, are proposed in the list. It is enough to check  or not  the types which one wishes to reveal in the table. Each selected type generates a column. These columns will appear in the order displayed here. This order can be modified by selecting the type then while clicking on the arrows:

To go up

To go down

If one wishes other columns proposing of the types not appearing in this list, it is enough to create your own tables in SOLIDWORKS starting from the function ''General table“. The extension of these files is '' .sldtbt”.

To check the option ''To use the model of table SW'' then to use the button  to choose the model of table.