As from the moment when the selected elements are contiguous (but not inevitably tangent), the following selections can combine:

  • Lines, arcs, curves of 2D sketch.
  • Lines, arcs, curves of 3D sketch.
  • Edges of voluminal or surface bodies.


By clicking on the icon  that makes it possible to reverse the direction (beginning or end) of generation of the points on the selected entities .

The arrow positions on the first point and its direction follows the vector formed by the 2 first points. This direction can thus change according to the selected entities, amongst points or of the specified step.


If a selected element is not contiguous with the precedent, a message into formless the user.


The mode of selection uses the mode available in SOLIDWORKS, namely: selection by lasso or framework of selection, to select tangency etc…

As soon as an element is added to the selection, the overall length is calculated for information .

 If an entity, already selected, is again selected it is removed list. If the entity, again selected, is inside the entities of the list, the tool also removes all the entities which follow this one:

In the example above if is selected again the entity ''Arc1@Esquisse3D1'', then all the following entities are also removed (Spline1@Esquisse3D1, Arête<1>,…).

By defaults the points are created in one 3D sketch. If the selected curves belong to the same plan, the user has the choice to create the points in one 2D sketch. The utility detects automatically that all the selected contiguous curves belong to the same plan and releases the option “2D sketch”. The points are created with a constraint of coincidence with the curve to which they belong.


For validating the operation, it is necessary to regulate the method of distribution: