It is possible to personalize the columns by a right click on one of the headings, then to select: Management of the columns 


This order makes it possible to disable, add or remove columns:


  • To mask a column, it is enough to uncheck the corresponding line:


  • To remove or add a column, it is necessary to make a right click on the corresponding line and to choose ''To Suppress the personalized column'' or ''To add a personalized column'':

A double-click on the line of the ''Name'' makes it possible to inform a personalized heading, this is also valid for the existing lines.


Example : Let us add the column ''Material'' which is a property of an article of welded part of the table of nomenclature, it is necessary to respect the syntax and the break-in of the name of the property. Then there exist two types of properties, “Simple property” and “Differentiating property” (double to click on the type of the column ''Type'').


  1. One “Simple property” allows to inform information about the profile:


  1. One “Differentiating property” allows to differentiate from the identical profiles of forms according to another criterion.


For example, in this case, if the property ''Material'' is of type: ''Differentiating property'', the reference mark ''D'' will be optimized independently, it will not be mixed on bars with the other flows which do not have this same property.