The properties displayed in PropertyManager can be gathered by category or family.

With this intention using the mouse, and by a simple Drag and drop, one deposits the icon ''Conditional group'' in the column ''Properties“. Or '' Double to click” on the icon ''Conditional group''.


The defined group as such makes it possible to use the conditions in the properties.

To enter the name of the group then the command line of the condition.

Entered by the command line is done in the field ''Conditional''. Syntax ''IIF'' can be used in capital letters or in small letters ''iff''. The character ''|“is obtained by the combination of the keys “Alt Gr” and '' 6”. To recover a property to place the character ''$'' in front of the name of the property (case sensitive).

The condition is to be informed for example:

IFF ($Type=Commerce|0|1)

If the property ''Type'' is equal to ''Trade'' then the condition will be equal to ''0'' if not the condition will be equal to ''1''.

 one selected in this field the value which makes it possible to display the group.

In this case the group will be displayed if the result of the IFF is 0. One can as for one Conditional type to chain the IFF

If the condition is observed, all the properties added in the group will be displayed and created.

In the contrary case the group will not appear and the properties will not be created.