All visible information in this window cannot be modified.

When a document is selected in the list, we saw that one outline was proposed. In the window “Information documents” a certain number of information is recalled. One finds in particular the site of the file and some information concerning his size, the last version of SOLIDWORKS used for his safeguard like his creation date.

If the selected component is resulting from Toolbox, double information is available: the icon and the checked box.


For the parts and the assemblies containing of the configurations, it is possible to list the configurations available in the document.

 the selection of another configuration does not have any effect on information or the continuation of the process.


For drawings, in addition to the information already listed for the parts and the assemblies, it is possible to know how much sheets are present in the document.


The properties listed in the window cannot be modified. So properties specific to the configurations are present it are not listed.