The type Document allows automatically to launch an operation Integration on the Active document, the installation of such an action is very simple.

  • To open the setting of CustomToolbar:


  • To click on  :


  • To check the new tool and to parameterize it such as it is:
    • Type: Document
    • Name: To inform a name
    • Description: To inform a description
    • To traverse until the site of your file Integration MCAT

Example of file MCAT used:

<? xml version= " 1.0” encoding= " utf-8”? >


  <Tools Name= " Integration” Version= " 2020.20.2.45” User= " mcordero”/>


    <Action_0 Text= " SaveAsJpg " >










        <Condition_0 " Systematic " Text= >



















        <Operation_0 Text= " To export the file " >






          <Value3>Utiliser options of the program ‘Option/Rules of nommage'</Value3>












    • Selection of an icon for this tool.


In this example, the operation “SaveAsJpg“allows to record the document with the format”Jpg“in the folder of the file.


After validation of CustomToolbar, the new tool appears in the bar of tool.


A click on this button then makes it possible to carry out Integration on the active document, in this example, that makes it possible to export an image with the Jpg format.