During the creation of the views corresponding to the components, the tool ''AssemblyBoard'' calculates the possible scale to put the view in the boxes defined in pages. Then the tool takes the smallest scale specified in the file scale and being able to fall under the view. This file is customizable according to the scales most usually used for this work. They is not the scales suggested in the views of drawing SOLIDWORKS.

Example of a file of personalized scales:


By clicking on the icon , it is possible to use a file of personalized scales. This way can point on a reader network and is memorized if one clicks again on this icon of research.

In certain case the ''Bounding Box'' around the view calculated by SOLIDWORKS is a little large what causes the catch of a scale by ''AssemblyBoard'' smaller. It is then possible to give a ''Factor of increase authorized in the scale of the view'' allowing to have a more adapted scale. It will be thus possible to pass, for example, on a scale 5:1 instead of 4:1 initially used. It is obvious that if, in the file of the scales, I did not define that a busy interval of 1:1 at 5:1 the choice will be rather restricted!

 The scales are not taken randomly, from where the interest to define its file of scales well.

Example while regulating to 20%.