The options of cutting make it possible to choose the sketch block containing the form of cutting.

This form is to be selected among the drop-down list and of the blocks can be created and personalized.


This list is provided for example. By selecting ''Other'' you can select one sketch block personalized.


The sketch block is then inserted at the ends of the lines of folding. This block is positioned with help:

       - Of a coincidence of its insertion point with the end of the line of folding.

       - Of a parallelism enters the line of construction contained the block and the line of folding.


So lines of folding are colinéaires there are two possibilities of treatment.


  • A notch at each end of the lines:


Here the two selected lines are completely colinéaires, therefore four notches are carried out. The result is the following:


  • A notch outside the lines:


Here the two selected lines are completely colinéaires, two notches are carried out.


  • In parallel of the 2 options above, the goal to check the option “not to generate the removal of material” is to have a marking, at the end of the folds, only materialized by the sketch of the selected block (not of removal of material of the selected block).


If, by chance, a sketch block is positioned inside the sheet side, a message appears in order to inform that cutting will not be carried out at this place. This case can be met if the line of folding does not go to the edge of the side, the form is not sufficiently large and thus does not overflow of sheet.

The user will be able, thereafter, to bring them modifications adapted.



In certain cases the parameter ''To amalgamate the faces'', in the function ''Unfolded state'', can be die-selected. A message appears indicating that MarkFoldLines this option will activate.


If you click on ''OK'' the option ''To amalgamate the faces'' will be modified by the tool and cuttings will be carried out on the bodies of sheet metal.

If you click on ''To cancel'' the option ''To amalgamate the faces'' will not be modified, cuttings in the bodies of sheet metal will not be carried out. The tool then processes the next sheet metal body.