The options of selection are defined through 4 dialog boxes. The fact of specifying filters will have like consequence to automate the list processing of the files and folders selected in the list.

  • The first of these dialog boxes relates to the selection of drawings. In fact here one will specify the research method of the drawings attached to the selected files parts and assemblies:


  • The second dialog box relates to the possibility of selecting the input documents according to the properties of the documents. One can thus recover the properties of the active document, the active configuration or even of a particular configuration.


  • The third dialog box makes it possible to specify the presence and dimensions of posting of the columns as well as the addition of new columns.


In this dialog box we can “ To add ” the posting of a column or “ Suppress ” a column added after having selected it. Indeed the columns proposed to “Vault EPDM” are present by default and can be only “Selected” or “Deselected”. A column can be hidden list by affecting a width equal to “ 0 ”. For the first 9 columns, to put them at “ 0 ” it should at least be done directly in the list by shortening the width with the mouse.



  • The displayed property will be the property of the document either, that is to say the property of the referred document (the property of the part used by drawing for example).


  • The fourth and last dialog box relate to the management of the documents EPDM.


In an environment SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM certain utilities allow actions of copies, duplications of projects requiring the management of the documents compared to the vault PDM. One will indicate here what the utility will have to do.

  • “ To extract the documents ”: The action to select a folder or several files since a vault PDM will imply that the files are extracted before being processed by the utility.
  • “ To file the documents at the end of the treatment ”: When the utility finishes the required treatment, the files will be filed in the vault PDM.
  • “ Replace the version… ”: It is necessary that the option
  • “ To add a comment of check-in ”: At the time of the action of check-in of the documents PDM, following the treatment by the utility, it is possible to add a comment.


  • “ To empty the mask at the end of the treatment ”: When the treatment of the selected files EPDMs were processed by the utility, it is possible to empty the mask automatically.

If the continuation of tools myPDMtools is not registered yet you can do it while clicking on the button “To register myPDMtools”, the dialog box will then be proposed to you.


  • The fourth dialog box proposes 2 modes of extraction concerning the configurations and the sheets of drawing for the treatment.
  • Mode “ Standard ”:


  • By using this mode it is possible to display the configurations of the selected files and/or the posting of the various sheets if drawing contains some.
  • Mode “ Advanced ”: (For the moment this mode is not active)


  • According to certain tools of myCADtools, it is necessary to take into account all the sheets of a drawing. For example the use of “ BatchConverter ” allows to convert all drawings selected to convert them into DWG and to create (or not) a conversion by sheet.