So that the window “Information composing” proposes the good properties, they should be defined in the document source.

By default the utility ''CloneComponents'' goes to recover the properties whose name starts with “ CC_ ”, in bold characters in the list, in order to propose them in the dialog box at the time of the duplication of the component. If the property points on a dimension it will be displayed in the zone “ Dimensions of new component ” and the dimension in question will control, if the property is an alphanumeric value it will be displayed in the zone “ Specific properties ” in order to inform the value.

In the example below, all the properties are modifiable (see Additional options) in the window and find themselves in the properties of the duplicated component, the properties starting with ''CC_” are displayed in fat.


In this second example, the option to display only the properties starting with “CC_” (see Additional options) was checked, only the 2 properties starting with ''CC_'' is thus modifiable.

It is also possible not to see appearing the panel with the insertion of a component (see Additional options).