By a simple Drag and drop one deposits the icon ''Connection on other Xml files'' with the site desired in the column ''Properties“. Or '' Double to click” on the icon ''Connection on other Xml files''. (files xml).

This kind of property makes it possible to pass from a data entry form to another without passing by setting. If you wish, for example, to create different properties for the work pieces, the parts commercial or the parts of a subcontractor, it is enough to select the Xml file desired in the pull-down menu.


One finds, in the box “Lists links XML”, a pull-down menu with the ways of the Xml files to be used.

If you wish to modify the list it is enough to select ''To modify the menu…''

One can open another textual file while clicking on the button  on the right of pull-down menu. It is a file quite simply created in an unspecified text editor.

In the example above the file used by the interface is ''SmartProperties_XmlPathFiles.txt''.


Here the result of posting in SOLIDWORKS.


If one surfs through several data entry forms it is necessary well to think of creating this property in each data entry form in order to surf well.

One can also use the option ''To use a dynamic property of the data entry form'' to save the mask to use on the document.