• Choice lengths of bar :

- Imposed :

This option makes it possible to impose a length of bar for all the profiles.


- Management of the falls :

If you have falls in your stock, you can inform here their lengths, they will be taken into account for the cutting of the elements.


- To define by profiles :

This option makes it possible to define a length of bar for each section.

 See the paragraph ''To define the length of bar by profile''.

- Treatment :

This zone makes it possible to add information in the heading of the report on the completion the bars (ex: Painting, anodized, without,…).



  • Machine :

- Width of the blade :


By default the cutting width is recovered since options. This value is modifiable for the active project.

- Initial fall :


Part withdrawn the length of the bar before optimization: this part corresponds to the various losses related to the various machines of sawing (in the case of a machine doubles blade, corresponds to the systematic “Re-sawing” each length, or in the case of a machine simple blade that corresponds to the pre-emption of the bar, etc…).

  • Dimension of the angles :


(See entered by the elements)

Initialization of the value of angle taken at the ends. In certain companies the edge perpendicular to the axis of the bar is:

- Considered that is to say with 0°

- Considered that is to say with 90°

Example : In the first case the value of the angle of cut will be of 30° whereas in the second case, for the same cut, the angle will be of 60°.

The angles of the list of the flows are recomputed immediately by changing option.