When this option is checked SmartProperties records during the validation the complete path of the XML file used in the XmlPath property (in our example).

Since this option is checked and that the property exists, to launching SmartProperties any more will not take into account the options of the XML files according to the type of document. It will open XML informed in the property.


During the use of a property “ Connection on other XML file ” so that when one applies properties with a data entry form, during a later launching one has automatically the same data entry form.

If one wishes to have a data entry form different for the parts commercial or the work pieces and that one have models of different documents for these two types, it is enough to create and to inform this property in the model of document, SmartProperties will then launch the good mask according to the model of selected document.

In the case of the multi-selection of components in an assembly this property will not be created even if the option is checked.

''Not to modify this property automatically…'': SmartProperties only will read the property and will display the data entry form corresponding.

If you wish to modify the property it will have to be manually envisaged in your SmartProperties data entry forms or then in the models of documents SOLIDWORKS (dot extension).