By a simple Drag and drop one deposits the icon ''Pull-down menu'' with the site desired in the column ''Properties“. Or '' Double to click” on the icon ''Pull-down menu''.

The property will be indicated using a pull-down menu.

One will name the property in the fields ''Name of the property“, example '' DESIGNATION”.

A value can be indicated in the fields ''Value by default''.


To define the pull-down menu, to click on the button  on the right of pull-down menu. Once chosen the list appears in the menu.

The list is always calculated compared to the textual file. It is not saved in the XML mask.

By activating the box ''To activate the edition of the menus unrolling'' one can make it possible to each user to choose an element of the list or to inform text which is not in the pull-down menu.

If you wish to modify the list it is enough to select ''To modify the menu…'', that opens the textual file.


 If you create new files of pull-down menu it is necessary to record them with the format of UTF-8 coding in order to recover well the special accents and characters in the drop-down list.

Here the result of posting in SOLIDWORKS.


 : the textual file is not modified at the time of the information of this property.