The''Enclosing Box'' mode allows you to create properties of the complete part by specifying:

  • A reference frame for calculation: the origin of the part, main axes of the part or a personalized coordinate system.
  • An offset uniform or different along the 3 axes compared to the choice from the reference frame.

To get the result in the table it is necessary to click on the button .

Offset of the including box :

The offset is carried out all around the part.

Example :

    • by specifying a different value along the 3 axes, the results in the table indicates the computed values.


    • By checking the option '' All the same ones'' only one value of offset is necessary.


  • By choosing a coordinate system beforehand created, the including box is then calculated by taking of account the offset.

Example : by selecting one of the two coordinate systems here, “System 1”.