By clicking on the icon , it is possible to select the file (drwdot) personalized for definition of the pages. This way can point on a reader network and is memorized if one clicks again on this icon of research.

The model of board is a document comprising 2 sheets. The first will be used to create the first board and the second to create all the other boards. You can create the sheet formats for all the formats (A4, A3, etc…).

Sheet formats of each sheet must at least have a rectangle because the views (or thumbnails) created by the AssemblyBoard tool are inserted inside this rectangle. On the other hand, the user is free to provide entities that must be present in these sheets, these entities must be created in the sheet format of the 2 sheets.

For example insertion of the logo and the coordinates of the company, general information, font faces etc…


The result by taking this model of document.