When columns were published or created in the '' partNomenclature'' and that they were saved as a model of table, it is then possible to select a model among a list of favourites proposed. This list points on the folder defined in general options of SmartBom (site of safeguard of the favourites of model of table) but you can also add models of table since another folder  .

The recording of a model of table can be done while clicking on  or by the pull-down menu ''Model of table''.


If you must regularly extract the nomenclatures from your designs 3D, you can record a project of nomenclature either while clicking on the drop-down menu ''File'' - ''To record the project'' or ''To record the project under…'' if you wish to duplicate a project.

If you want to save the tables and the project you can press on the icon  or by the pull-down menus ''File'' - ''To record all'' or even by the pull-down menu ''Model of table''.

- ''To extract all the properties automatically'':

By checking this option, it is not useful to create models of table. Indeed for each property contained in the files a column will be automatically created.