myCADtools 2020 SP0


DriveAssembly allows you to drive assembly dimensions in order to analyze component movements in an assembly or simply drive part or sketch dimensions. This tool exists since many versions, the tool was completely refactorisé in myCADtools 2020. DriveAssembly be used now since FeatureManager of SOLIDWORKS.


The objective of the utility PilotAssembly is of being able, since an Excel file, to manage and modify a complete assembly.

In version 2020, the tool was completely refactorisé in the form of Excel complement.


AM86439: Improved performance when selecting a folder in mass processing tools.

AM85824: Automatic modification of the colors of the texts and boxes of control during the change of topic SOLIDWORKS.

AM85730: Management of the topics SOLIDWORKS (clearly, sinks…) for the tools of the task manager.

BG90030: The research of the file “properties.txt” takes into account the version of myCADtools but not the real version of SOLIDWORKS installed on the station.


AM63804: Addition of an option to open the folder of the files generated at the end of the treatment.

AM70844: Addition of format IFC in tab of importation.

AM86251: Addition of a message to indicate to the user to make a right click to specify the type of document.


AM87441: Addition of the possibility of applying an unique number resulting from a counter for each configuration of the part (only in the mode of application “On the document and all the configurations”).

AM89664: Suppression of the warning message if there is more than 5000 input documents.

BG89503: Report in failure with an operation of value if the property does not exist in one of the configurations.


BG85908: The option "Do not Duplicate" displays an error for the CADENAS components.

BG87803: Message with each launching during the use of CloneComponents in the vault PDM without licence myPDMtools.


AM35105: Addition of an option to create the properties of color in tab the “Specific one to the configuration”.

AM85700: Addition of a message in the interface to explain the addition of property in a part.


BG78032: Invalid counters if the format of date is not the same one as the format of date of the station.

BG83062: Abnormal SmartCounter error message when the meter settings file does not exist.


AM79440 : Addition of the possibility automatically of launching an action on the active document, for example to launch a file of action of the tool “Integration”.

BG85646: The way by default towards SmartProperties is incorrect in CustomToolbar.


AM22529: To allow the creation of a database starting from the library of profiles.

AM47482: Passage of the window SOLIDWORKS in front of the window CuttingOptimization to facilitate the selection of the table.

AM54972: Addition of the possibility of using a general table (resulting from SmartBom for example) in the selection of the tables CuttingOptimization.

AM66532: Addition of the possibility automatically of assigning the colors with the various flows.

AM72244: Addition of a stage coach for automatically more not displaying the message concerning the angles during the selection of a table.

BG73180: Not to take into account breakage for the association of the profiles at the time of the importation of a table.

BG73478: Problem of cooling to the click on “report” when the orientation of a profile was modified and that one publishes the report immediately.

BG78960: The importation of the specific table does not function correctly.

BG79842: At the time of the importation of a BOM, when the section corresponds to the base, it is not added if one it resélectionne not.

BG80542: Loss of the special characters in the CuttingOptimisation base.

BG80545: Problem of inversion of color in a specific case.


BG88865: Optimization of the analysis of the dependences not found for tab “See the dependences”.


BG83296: Addition of the possibility of colouring the not translated fields.

BG89727: Addition of the possibility of forcing the translation.


AM86252: Modification of the options by default.

AM86253: Remove the backup button from the interface, the backup is now automatic.


AM52891: Addition of a bar of progression during the creation of the including box.

BG78962: EntityProperties does not function in a specific case.


AM78144: Addition of a criterion to search a configuration which does not exist.

AM86327: Addition of FindDocuments in TaskPlanner.

BG76743: Entered of several values for the same property does not function.

BG78178: Not made translation of the field “News searches”.

BG78735: To prohibit the selection of folders PDM.

BG88386: Problem searches on a name of configuration.

BG91291: Problem of research on the criteria “Name of a component” and “Name of a sheet”.


BG41635: With a file of particular setting, GetCoordinates3D does not launch out any more.


BG89509: Failure on an operation of value if the property does not exist in one of the configuration.


BG68554: The message “Treatment finished” passes behind when one clicks in SOLIDWORKS during the treatment.

BG91957: Impossible to reach the window of the properties, the window does not appear with the click on the button +.


BG70177: Improvement of stability.

BG86452: Blocking of MarkFoldLines with a personalized profile.


AM67781: Addition of the visualization of the messages ignored in myCADpassport.

AM87005: Addition of a link towards What' s New of help on line in the checking of new version myCADpassport.

AM87392: Added a command to close then restart SOLIDWORKS.


AM58297: Added the possibility to insert the printing date of the plans.

BG62370: Automatically to check the option “Reconstruction of the document” when one checks “Management of the properties”.


BG77447: The texts of sketch are not put on the scale.


AM69547: Do not expand the tree when selecting a favorite.

BG69548: The favourite of filter is not reloaded automatically when the session SOLIDWORKS is started again.


AM57986: To allow the displacement of the columns of the properties.

AM70339: Addition of the possibility of generating the files under folder of the first processed file.

AM85694: Modification of the interface for the options of exports of layer.

AM90044: To use material of the part when no material is affected with the bodies of sheet metal.

BG70631: It happens that the session SOLIDWORKS completely not released either by SM, obligation to close SOLIDWORKS to find all the functions.


BG66194: The color of the layers becomes again black with the use of an existing layer.


AM47664: Addition of the label of the component in the Excel nomenclature.

BG89548: When a value is between bracket Excel export poses problems.

BG91448: Changed the Excel file to compensate for the limitation of the number of columns in Excel.


AM51314: Addition of the possibility of applying an unique number resulting from a counter for each configuration of the part.

AM63109: To allow to force, for each property, the option to apply the properties (document, active configuration, all configurations) since the setting of the data entry form.

AM84905: Addition of the possibility of masking one of the dynamic menu pull-down menus

AM84906: Maintains automatic following values of the menus dynamic to the modification of an empty value.

AM84938: Addition of the possibility of adding the property on the document and the configurations during the use of a creation of property on the dependent document.

BG79226: The selector knob of the textual file is hidden in posting 125%.

BG87325: Impossible to check “not to more display the message” for the warning of licence myPDMtools

BG87553: The value displayed for the result of a concatenation of a standard option uses the name of the standard option if the name of the concatenation is the same one as the name of the standard option.

BG87825: Impossible to remove the favourites of “Suppressions of properties” during the renaming of the document in a typical case.

BG88179: The name of SmartProperties in the property mask does not change when you rename the document and use the pin.

BG88670: DynamicList displays a value by default during the first launching.

BG88938: DynamicList does not function in mode SQL if the base accepts only the requests which respects breakage.

BG89552: If the first value of a dynamic menu is indicated in the properties, the following values are not automatically indicated if there is one choice.


AM55041: Use of the new reports for TaskPlanner.

AM83242: Addition of a task of update of the base FindDocuments.


BG68551: Impossible to apply a color according to a property.


AM55049: Translation of the folder to create by UnsewBody in the language of use of myCADtools.


AM65778: Improvement of the stability of the tool UpdateVersion.