By choosing this kind of column, one can ask for a numbering ''Detailed'', ''flat'' or ''Bound to a table of nomenclature'' as well as the beginning and the increment of numbering.

The order of numbering is skeletal in general options


Detailed numbering                 Numbering flat 


Numbering related to a table of nomenclature :


This numbering is chosen when a nomenclature is already present in the traversed document (drawing of an assembly).

Indeed numbering perhaps already was modified and personalized. SmartBom can thus recover this numbering.

With this intention, it is necessary to carry out some adjustments. ''Option general'' opens the following window:


To select an existing folder you can use the button  . Once selected it should "Add" be added to the list.

It is possible to specify research on site systematic.

  • To recover the folder of the processed document. This instruction is materialized by ''<Document>'' in the way.
  • ''<Up>'' goes back to the preceding folder.
  • ''Plans'' indicates the folder of localization.

This instruction is used when the folders always have the same structure, that allows to standardize research.

Then it is necessary to specify the position of the column of the ''Reference mark'', if it is the first column it is necessary to put ''0''. Then one indicates the position of the column containing the value of the property. This property must be present and single in all the files contained in the nomenclature. SmartBom use this property in order to recover the number of the corresponding reference mark.

 If several components are present in sub-assemblies (use of the configurations: example screws, library elements, parts family etc.), SmartBom will stop on the first component of the table.

Example :

In drawing I have a nomenclature of which I modified the order of certain components (by moving them with the mouse).

 This drawing must be recorded as a preliminary.


Result: Nomenclature requested in the tool SmartBom must recover this numbering. The sorting must is done, for example, on the property” Description'' positioned with the second column (while starting with 0).

   Identical numbering.

Whereas if the type of required numbering is ''Detailed'' or ''flat'' the result is the following: