Names of the plans, the sketches and the folders created in FeatureManager follow the name specified in the part “Options”.

In the case of automatic creation of plans by the methods “Repetition of plans” and “Plans along a curved skeleton”, the plans, the sketches and the folders are named automatically with a root specified in the options. This root is incremented by a counter. The name of the sketch takes again the name of the plan created.

Here the rule of naming:

  • For the name of the folders, one finds it” Name'' followed by the type of entity ''Plan'' or ''Section'' (possibly incremented).
  • For the generated entities:
    • the name of the plans takes it” Name'' (possibly incremented)
    • the name of the sketches takes it” Name“(possibly incremented) preceded by” E_“for the sketches 2D and” E2D_'' for the sketches 3D if there is no plan created. If a plan is created one adds the name of the plan created in the name of the sketch.

SectionX being the root: SectionX_1 - > E_PlanX_1, SectionX_2 - > E_PlanX_2,…, SectionX_80 - > E_PlanX_80.

A large number of plans being able to be created, to reduce FeatureManager those are gathered in folders (a folder by launching of the utility). The ''Name'' also is recovered and incremented for the root of the name of each folder.

Example :


Here the result:

The folder gathering the plans created precedes the folder containing the sketches.


Of course, if no plan is created or if is used the method ''Selection of existing plans'', it does not have there a folder of plans created.