This tab ''Characteristics SOLIDWORKS'' will make it possible to manage the standard components such as the screws and bolts or the elements of Toolbox and to create or modify the value of the property IsFastener.

“To amend IsFastener” will allow to manage the property'' IsFastener” listed components. If the property'' IsFastener” do not exist it will be created automatically with value 0 or 1 according to the selected option, if this property exists it will be quite simply modified according to the selected option.

“To amend Toolbox” will not create a property but will allow to amend of the component. On the list of the selected files if the components result from the Toolbox bookstore  their statute will have automatically passed in standard part and will appear with this icon  in the assembly.

Conversely if the listed parts are standard components, the fact of checking one of the options ''Part copied of Toolbox'' or ''Part of Toolbox“will apply the statute '' Toolbox” to the components and will be visible like such  in all the assemblies in which they are used.

Caution take care of well using this option because the impact on the assemblies can have consequences.