It is also possible to control the dependences directly since a file. As would do it the function SOLIDWORKS ''To seek the references''. The difference of the utility ''Dependencies'', compared to this functionality, it is that the file is not open in SOLIDWORKS.

To do this, we use the tab''See the dependencies'' into which it is enough to slip directly of the files SOLIDWORKS to see their dependences.

So that the window of the utility ''Dependencies'' does not disappear, to press on the icon  .


  • Example 1:

One wishes to analyze drawing ''AssemblyBoard.SLDDRW''.


By pressing on  one visualizes the dependences of each files that this either drawing, an assembly or a part. One can thus control the site of each component. It is seen here, after the treatment, that the new site was indeed taken into account.


By making a right click on drawing it is possible of ''To copy the site of the selected file'' or of ''To copy the list'', in the clipboard, of the listed dependences. One finds this last functionality in the function SOLIDWORKS ''To seek the references…'', but in this function it is necessary to open the file in SOLIDWORKS.


  • Example 2:

Optimization of the analysis of the not found dependences. for that we uncheck the option:


We analyze the dependences of the file here “Briquet.sldasm“.

All the references are well found.


Now we move the folder “Parts“containing all the parts contained in the assemblies.

If we start again the analysis of the dependences in tab “See the dependencies“a message indicates to us that references were not found and invites us to solve this anomaly (here 23 unsolved references).


While spreading “YES“to the invitation all the references will be solved.


We can see that “Dependencies“the way of the new folder modified well”Parts“which had been moved.