• ''Separator'':

Concerning the files of coordinates to the format text (txt) it is necessary to indicate which character will be detected like separator. One can choose among a drop-down list ''/'' '','' '':'' '';''



In this textual file, the values to be taken into account have decimals, the separator will have to thus be '';“. If there is not that 2 values per line one 2D sketch will be created, if the line 3D sketch comprises 3 values one will be created (provided that the type of curve selected either not '' 2D sketch”). If a series of values is separated by a blank line several entities will be created.


  • ''Units'':

Whatever the format of the file used, the unit of values must be indicated here.


  • ''2D sketch'':

The generation of the sketches 2D can be done on a level shifted in Z compared to the face or with the plan selected in options of 2D sketch.

The value of offset Z will be taken in the file of coordinates (third value if it is about a file to the format text or third column if it is about a file to the Excel format).

One specifies a value of tolerance for the reading of Z. I.e. that if the values are not rigorously identical, the values beyond the tolerance will not be taken into account.

  • ''Type of coordinates'':

For the interpretation of the coordinates recovered in the files, 2 types are available ''Cartesian'' or ''Polar''.

If the '' typePolar'' is selected it is necessary to specify if the value read is expressed in ''Degree'' or in Radian''.


  • ''To Suppress the multiple points'':

Generally the files of coordinates come from precise statements or result from formula of computation. On certain lines, the 3 values can be identical or be very close. In this case it is not advised to preserve these coordinates in order to avoid generating points too brought closer or many too small lines. It is possible to lay down rules not to take into account these coordinates.



    • ''None'': all the coordinates will be processed to generate the entity.

   In this case all the coordinates will be preserved.

    • ''All'': all the coordinates true to the specified gauge will be removed and thus been unaware of to generate the entity, only the first coordinate met will be taken into account.

   In this case all the barred coordinates will not be preserved.

    • ''Only the consecutive ones'': only the coordinates within the specified and subsequent tolerance will be deleted and therefore ignored to generate the entity.

    In this case all the barred coordinates will not be preserved.

    • ''Only ends'': if the first and the last coordinates are understood in the specified tolerance, the last will be ignored to generate the entity.

    In this case the last coordinate will not be preserved.