So drawings already exist in the folder of destination and that one wishes to preserve, one can check the option ''Not to crush existing drawings''.

For the tack welded parts it can be interesting to generate a sheet by bodies.

It is also possible to create detached drawings, this makes it possible to open the plan without having the files referred by drawing.

If the document 3D is a sheet metal part one can ask so that the model document, specified in ''Choice of the documents models plan'' used either. If the option is not checked it is the model document part which will be taken.

If the option ''To create a new view of the developed part'' is checked, a view of the part will be represented in an unfolded state. If the part comprises several bodies of sheet metal an unfolded view will be generated in the center of the sheet.

It is also possible to impose the scale of the views, it is then enough to uncheck: ''Automatic scale of the views''.