By selecting this icon it is possible to regulate certain parameters for the automatic creation of properties related to the affected colors.


When one wishes to apply a color to a part since the assembly or the assembly itself, it is possible automatically to create a named property. As the message specifies it, the property will be created automatically by simple Drag and drop on a component of the assembly. In an assembly, it is at the time to select “Part” in the bar of icons that the properties will be created in the part. On the other hand the properties will not be created if one makes this manipulation in the context “Part”.

The user can choose to create the properties on the document, the active configuration or both.



We checked the 5 options to create the 5 properties in the part. While making slip the color “Blue Steel” on the part “230-Clamping screws” of our assembly, the 5 properties were indeed created: Norm (RGB), the category (Blue), the color (Blue steel) and the values hexadecimal (RGB) and code it color.


If the option “Configuration active” is checked the properties will be created in tab the “Specific ones to the configuration”: