Some options can be regulated concerning the posting of the tools and the bar ''CustomToolbar''.


  • The fact of checking  ''See the tool bar'' makes it possible to activate the tool bar. It is equivalent to the functionality available by a right click on the higher stringcourse of SOLIDWORKS.

  • ''CustomToolbar'' is available also as a ''Pull-down menu'' its position can be specified. If one wishes to have the pull-down menu ''CustomToolbar'' in first position it is necessary to choose the position ''0''. The icons are always visible, the stage coach cannot be modified.


  • The option ''To activate the events'' is unchecked  by default. This option is reserved for a advanced use of the personalization of launchings of the tools by the tool bar ''CustomToolbar''. (See Definition of a tool). These events generally call on API SOLIDWORKS, for more details, please consult the ''Headings of API help of SOLIDWORKS and the complements'' since SOLIDWORKS online help.