The some either selected distribution, the following options can be checked or not:

  • ''To be unaware of drillings'':

The selected face can comprise “holes” (of an unspecified form). While checking this option, the tool will be unaware of the borders of these drillings by creating the points on the missing faces.


  • ''To be unaware of all the external borders'':

In the following example, wide surface was voluntarily shown in order to materialize the result. He was also asked a maximum distribution , as well as symmetry  according to the two directions U and V.



  • ''To activate the transparency'':

In the context of a part comprising only surface bodies, this option does not affect really the graphic part.

It is not the case when one works in the comprising context of a part of the voluminal bodies being able to occult part of the preview.

    • Cases where the option is not checked, only the points located in periphery of the selected face are visible:


    • Case where the option is checked. The fact of checking this option, puts the part in transparent mode what makes it possible to see all the points: