• The pull-down menu allows to choose the style of the annotation created by GetCoordinates 3D. They is the styles SOLIDWORKS.


For example, with the style , here the result got on the annotation.


  • The menu allows to choose the style of the line of fastener.

With this style of fastener  this result is got.


The use of the style of fastener  change it automatically , here the result then got.


The modification of the styles involves the update of all the annotations create previously.

  • The menu allows to modify the length of the line of fastener during the creation of annotation.

It is also possible “to draw” on the annotations once create to adjust the position of the annotations manually.

  • The menu allows to modify the size of the text which appears on the screen.
  • The menu  allows to modify the prefix of the annotations create by GetCoordinates 3D.

It is possible to modify all the fields éditables, the update is done on the annotations already create like for the new annotations.

  • The menu  is available of use of the method ''Export in a file'', it makes it possible to locate the lines of the table graphically.


  • When the option is checked, the text will always have the same size some either level of zoom used.