• To bind the new dimension values to… :

A pull-down menu makes it possible to choose, during the modification of an assembly since the table, if the new dimension of a component must apply to the active configuration, all the configurations or according to the adjustment during the recording of the part (Adjustment of the dimension).


To make comparative with what it occurs in the file 3D, that returns to the choices which one has when one modifies a dimension in the 3D except for the option “Specifying the configurations” which is not possible in the Excel file.


  • To extract :

We choose here if one must build the table with all the components of the assembly of head or only the components “Part” or only components “Assembly”.


  • Property of identification of the components :

Each component (part, assembly,…) used in SOLIDWORKS is identified by an unique number of identification, it is possible not to take it here into account.


  • To keep the order of the components :

When the function “To build the table” is used, it is possible to check this option in order to list the components in the order of the components inserted in the assembly.

  • Reading level :

If you have an assembly of head which comprises several levels of subassembly and which you do not wish all to exploit them, you can specify the level to be taken into account.