To create a document for each configuration:

This option makes it possible to create a document for each configuration of your selected files.

One will have to be created rule of naming for if required naming the file with a concatenation of name and name of the configuration.

For conversion into IGES of a file comprising 4 configurations (Default, De 100, De 200, De 300).

4 files IGES are created -->

Purge inactive configurations and rename the remaining configuration:

This option is used only for one conversion with the format SOLIDWORKS.

This option allows you to create a part file per configuration and in each file to delete inactive configurations, then rename the configuration of the file.


 4 files are created  -->

For example: The file ''010-Canon de pont - De 100'' was created starting from the configuration ''De 100'' of the file ''010-Canon de pont.sldprt''. The other configurations were removed and the remaining configuration was renamed ''Default''.


To go up the properties of the remaining configuration on the document:

 Checking this option moves the properties that were in the tab''Specific to the configuration''to the tab''To personalize'' since there remains nothing any more but only one configuration in the document.


For exports of drawings, to create detached drawings:

By checking this option that saves the files drawings selected in ''detached drawing''. Time necessary for the opening of a detached drawing can be less long because the files of model are not charged in memory.