As its name indicates it we go parameterized the general options of the behavior of the utility SmartProperties.

  • ''Force the recording of the document'': by checking this option the document SOLIDWORKS will be recorded with each validation of SmartProperties. If the document is already recorded one will take into account the options of parameters of renaming.
  • ''Choice of the properties to be inserted (CheckBox)'': this option adds in the tree of SmartProperties, a check box in front of the groups and the properties. When the box is checked the property is created, if the box is unchecked the property is grayed and is not created.


When SmartProperties is launched with the option of Configuration ''Bound to the document'' all the boxes are checked by default, they can be unchecked separately.

When is checked the option of Configuration ''This Configuration''properties are created in the tab ''Specific to the configuration'' of the document. This option thus makes it possible to create only the properties with a different value in the configurations, and all properties or values that do not change are created in the "Document related" tab. That avoids creating all the properties in all the configurations.

In this last case ''This configuration'' if a property were created and that SmartProperties is again launched on the same file if this property is unchecked this one will be removed tab “Specific to the configuration” with the validation of SmartProperties.

  • ''Access by a password'': a password will be necessary to be able to reach the setting of SmartProperties.
  • ''To disable the change of document'': when one works with SmartProperties in the context of the assembly or a drawing, this option prevents from being able to select components (part or assembly) in the tree to affect properties without opening directly to it the documents. 
  • ''To display a warning message if the modifications are not validated in selection mode'': Lwhen changing the document type in assembly mode or selecting a welded parts list folder, if the changes specified in SmartProperties are not applied to the document then a warning message will appear:


  • ''To hide the component during the validation (assembly mode with bug)'': In an assembly when SmartProperties are pinned up and that one informs the properties of a component, after the validation the component is hidden in the graphic zone, which makes it possible to know which are the components that it remains to inform. The closing of SmartProperties the hidden components are automatically shown again.

 ''To use a name of property different for the data entry form'': this option adds a field in the document properties tab to specify a name based on the language. This name visible in the data entry form, but will not be the name of the property. It is often used in order to put more explicit names for the users.


If name in the data entry form is not indicated by the language of the user then this option makes it possible to specify the language taken into account. If this one is not indicated, then the name of the property will be displayed.

  • ''To rock the values of properties in Capital letter during the creation of the property“: this option is interesting, by checking this option you are certain that all the properties will be to inform automatically in Capital letter some entered either by the user, entered value example “Steel Rolls” - > value created '' Steel ROLLS”.
  • ''To add information balloons to the properties'': by checking this option fields additional will be available at the time of the setting of the property. Owe will be able to display different tooltip information depending on the language defined in Windows.