We regulate here the format of export of the files.

  • Export“:
    • To generate a drawing SOLIDWORKS“:

By checking this option it is possible to select a model of drawing (.drwdot). All exports will take this model.

    • To generate a generic file of export“:

One selects here the format of exit of the files either the format is the DXF either the format is the DWG. It can be necessary:

      • To specify if a scale factor must be applied.
      • To specify space to be envisaged between each view.

  • Regrouping“:

If several bodies of sheet metal are processed, a view for each conversion will be created in this case it is necessary to specify if the bodies of the same sheet metal thickness must be gathered:

        1. In only one drawing per thickness. Several files if several thicknesses.
        2. In only one drawing but in separate sheets.
        3. In several drawings but by gathering the views by thickness.
        4. Or to export a drawing by view.

  • Alignment“:

The various views can be aligned in a certain manner, check the option which you wish.


    1. To force views exported horizontally by aligning axis X of the plan to the developed edge longest
    2. To force views exported vertically by aligning the axis Y of the plan to the developed edge longest

  • Geometry“:

In export DXF DWG, it is possible to choose:

    1. To export only the geometry.
    2. To apply a color specific to the geometry.
    3. To apply the geometry generated to a particular layer.