This icon gives access a window of additional options.


Each bodies of sheet metal can have properties different from the general properties of the component.

  • If the option is not checked the properties will be recovered and displayed according to their value.
  • If the option is checked the articles for which the property does not exist will take the value of the property of the document.

For example :

Let us take this part comprising 4 bodies of sheet metal.

There is a property “Material“which is present at the level of the part and indicated with the value”1060 Alloy“.


On the 4 articles there are 2 of them which also have a property “Material“with 2 different values”ALUMINIUM“and”STAINLESS“and 2 article which do not have this property.


Got result:

With the “Unchecked” option


With the “Checked” option