The button  allows to open the window of creation and setting of the counters.

To add a counter.


The buttonallows to add a counter.


To validate with the key  , the counter appears in the pull-down menu.


To Suppress a counter.

The button  allows to remove a counter.

To select the counter to be removed in the pull-down menu and to use the button  .


To validate the message to remove the counter.


Rename a counter.

The button  allows rename counter.

Select the counter to rename and click on the button  .


Change the name and confirm with the OK button.


To manage reservations of numbers.  

See the chapter '' Reservation of range ''.

The value taken for the numbering of the files generally follows the rules imposed during the creation of the counters.

It can be useful to jump a certain number of numbers, for example to differ part of the project or to sub-contract part of a project.

General options.

The button  allows to parameterize the general options.


The counters can be stored either in a file XML, that is to say in a base SQL.

XML file:

Location of the XML file of the counters:


This parameter makes it possible to define the site of the XML file of the counters.

If the XML file is moved (for example on a server), you can define his new site with the button .



This option makes it possible to create a file with format CSV (one by counter) containing the history of the values used in the counters.

By default this file is saved in the folder ‘’ SmartCounter logs' ‘which is in the folder of installation of SmartProperties.

Base SQL:

SmartCounter can also be used with a base SQL


The site as well as the identifiers of connection to SQL then owe well informed beings

The following buttons enable you to import or export your base SmartCounter:


  • Importation of a XML in base SQL, it is enough to select the XML file to be imported:


  • Export of the base to format SQL, to define the site and to give a name to the XML file to be saved:


A message of confirmation indicates to you that the file was saved successfully:


 Caution: Licence SQL delivered with PDM does not enable you to create another database. You must use another authority with for example SQL Express Edition.

Foot-note: It is not possible to create a file with the history of the values taken with the option Bases SQL


By checking this option you can keep a history of the numbers of counters taken.