SmartProperties allows to create data entry forms for each type of document, these various masks are saved in files with the XML format.

There exists, by default, a XML file by type of document (Part, Assembly, plan, mechanic welded). The site of these files is skeletal in Parameter tab\ Location of XML files.


Since the menu "File" one will Open/Save be able or to create new files XML of setting without leaving the interface.

Of course name does not have much importance and if you need to use the same data entry form for the documents part and assembly it will be enough to specify the same XML file in  Parameter tab\ Location of XML files.

The dialog box presents 3 tabs.


The some either document to which the properties are applied the description of 3 tabs is common.

We will take in this handbook the example of the personalization of the data entry form for the parts.

  • The first tab ''Properties'' corresponds to the setting of the data entry form.

The goal of this personalization is automatically to generate files with the format “xml” for each environment:

- “SmartProperties_prt.xml” for the documents parts.

- “SmartProperties_asm.xml” for the documents assemblies

- “SmartProperties_drw.xml” for the documents drawings

- “SmartProperties_Feat.xml” for the tack welded folders

- Etc…

These files will be to record in the folder of your choice.

  • The second tab ''Properties of the summary'' allows the creation of Windows properties
  • The third tab ''Parameters'' allows setting general of the utility SmartProperties where all the options of the tool will be found.