This method is available only in the context part. The goal is to create plans by distribution along a curved skeleton according to a step and a number.


It is the name specified in options of naming which makes it possible to create names of the various folders, the plans and the sketches.

The user selects a curved skeleton, a step and a number of plans. If the user wishes to select several contiguous and tangent entities, it will be necessary to use the function SOLIDWORKS “To simplify the spline” in order to obtain the curved skeleton. (See example).

The user can reverse the direction of course of the curve .

The plans are distributed all the way along the curved skeleton, perpendicular to this curve.

All the plans are created, even if the entities to be crossed are smaller than the curved skeleton.

There are two possibilities for the creation of the plans.

  • ''Entry of the step and amongst plans'':
    • The step between each plan created.
    • The number of plan to be created. If the number of plans entered exceeds the length of the curved skeleton, there is no message but these plans will not be created.

An option  allows, automatically to calculate the number of plans until the other end of the curve (the number of plans calculated is displayed and the value is grayed).

  • ''Equidistant distribution of the plans'':

To enter the number of desired plans, the function will automatically distribute the plans in an equidistant way over the entire length of the curve (for information, the calculated step is displayed).