The advantage, compared to the Design library, it is that there is no link with the component of origin.

Typically, this kind of interface is very useful for users who assemble, for example, of the profiles (except weldment) or the panels, all with dimensions or different details.

We can also recover existing parts in a business by duplicating them and by re-electing them very quickly in a new project.

The utility takes into account the parts and the assemblies.

Although the utility agrees to use components comprising of the configurations, it is not advised to use this kind of component with CloneComponents because the component thus duplicated also comprises all the configurations. The function “Publisher Configuration” of SOLIDWORKS will be adapted for the components with families of parts.


The utility goes to recover the properties whose name starts with “CC_” in order to propose them in the dialog box at the time of the duplication of the component. If the property points on a dimension it will be displayed in the zone “Dimension of the new component” and will control the dimension in question, if the property is an alphanumeric value it will be displayed in the zone “specific Properties” in order to inform the value.

If you wish to launch automatically the tool SmartProperties during the insertion of a component you can check the option .