CreateSections be displayed in PropertyManager. Information to be selected is different according to the context in which the tool is launched.

Environment Part

Environment Assembly



The use of CreateSections can be done:

  • maybe in one environment ''Part''
  • that is to say in one environment ''Assembly''.

Three cases can be met:

  • Creation of sections by selection of existing plans in the part or the assembly.
  • Creation of sections and plans in a part by one repetition of plans built starting from a plan or of a face according to a number and a step.
  • Creation of sections and plans in a part by a set of plans built from one curve skeleton.

Rule of naming of the functions created in FeatureManager.

 Caution : when the model 3D evolves it does not have there automatic update of the geometries from the tool. To update information it is enough to start again the tool.