Once selection of the files and/or the folders to be processed (See selection of the files) you obtain the following panel:


Features of “DrawingTranslate”:

  • Possibility of translating the active document or the whole of the selected plans.
  • Recovery of the annotations of the selected plans, for the creation of a translation table CSV (Glossary) enriched by the user.
  • Choice of the site of the translation tables.
  • Choice of the translation languages.
  • It is possible to choose processed zone on drawings to be translated, annotations of the sheet format, sheet, view and to specify the translation of the active sheet or all the sheets.
  • Options of filter on the annotations will allow during the translation to take into account the notes, dimensions and the blocks.
  • The management of type of treatment, the possibility gives of personalizing the translation of your documents.

     - Replace notes of the document by the translation.

     - To add the translation below each note of the document.

     - To create a layer for the translation (the translated notes will be assigned to a layer being called after the selected language)

     - In drawings creation of a new sheet for the translation (Option available starting from SOLIDWORKS 2011).