Personalize your nomenclatures: the creation of nomenclature is a big step in the manufacturing process. Each one has its own constraints and its own methods of extraction. There is no really standard in this field, also, with this utility, you lay out of more than possibilities and facilities to adapt the product to your work methods.

The tool SmartBom from now on is connected with PDM on condition that being in possession of a licence myPDMtools. I.e. that you can select folders directly since a vault PDM.

From the active assembly, of a selected assembly or a folder containing of the documents 3D, you can create one or more nomenclatures. CThese nomenclatures can be grouped and defined within a''Project of Nomenclature'' in which the lists of the required components will be displayed. These nomenclatures are defined in tab the ''Management of the project''.

It will be necessary to select the component for which the nomenclature will be required.

setting of the columns nomenclatures is customizable.

The generated nomenclatures can answer conditions particular in order to refine the final contents.

For the use of SmartBom, it is possible to regulate some Options.

When all information was regulated, one can to launch the treatment while supporting on "Apply".