Features of “SmartProperties”:

  • Each data entry form is entirely customizable for each document SOLIDWORKS:
    • A data entry form for the parts
    • A data entry form for the assemblies
    • A data entry form for drawings
  • Great choice of types of properties :
    • Standard - Text, List, Concatenation, Dimension, Variable, Option, Date, etc…
    • Advanced - Condition, Counter, character strings Treatment, etc…
    • Execution ofapplications personalized
  • Standardisation of the entered properties
  • Properties on documents, configurations, mechanically welded elements
  • Interface of use and of setting simple and intuitive
  • Options of safeguard and automatic naming of the documents
  • Automatic naming of the articles of welded parts

Three modes of use of the utility possible giving access to a data entry form clean to each environment:

Here an example of data entry form to inform the properties for a part:


One can reach the definition of the zones of entered via the button ''Setting''.