This tool can be launched either in the environment Drawing, that is to say in the environment 3D (Part or Assembly).

The application of the results of calculations will be able to be carried out on the active configuration, on all the configurations or the application will be able to create derived configurations (Part only).


Features of “Tolerances”:

  • At the time of selection of the dimensions, it is possible to select all the dimensions of the document or to manage the selection by type of dimensions (linear, diameter, ray, angle etc….)


  • Possibility to apply the tolerances with a group of dimensions while being pressed on Excel tables or by selecting a tolerance SOLIDWORKS.
  • options of tolerance allow to manage the insertion of the tolerances on the active configuration or all the configurations. The precision of the tolerances is modifiable directly in the utility.
  • Creation of groups of dimensions for the calculation of intervals or the selection of all the dimensions.
  • calculation allows to rock the dimensions in maximum, mini or average value. It is always possible to reset all the dimensions. This calculation can be applied to the active configuration or all the configurations of the model 3D.


  • One finds in options of calculation, the possibility of creating derived configurations.  This options is accessible only in mode” Part''.